tumblr_n63p7bait21qacoxmo1_500The hearts, thoughts and prayers of those at Rouge Lioness go out to the families, victims and community impacted by the Santa Barbara/Isla Vista Shooting, and all women impacted by misogynistic acts, sexual harrasment, and/or hate crimes against women!!

Keep #YesAllWomen a trending hashtag. This hashtag is trending across the globe as women share their stories regarding sexual harrasment/assualt, the miss representation of women and misogyny. The best part about all of this is that it’s not just women that are chiming in.

However, I truly believe that has hard as women work towards change, whether in regards to pay, equal rights, or fighting against negative stereotypes or double standards; we can’t do it alone. We need the support of our fathers, husbands, sons, male coworkers and other important men in our lives. If they want to see things change for us, then they need to get involved as well. Beyone Knowles-Carter discussed this in The Shriver Report: Gender Equality Is a Myth!

While researching about this hashtag, I came across several articles. After reading the article on Mashable regarding the Santa Barbara Shooting, I became speechless. There is so much that can be said on this topic, but my heart just cried. Has the world really become that dangerous for girls and women? While we have to keep in mind that not all men are like Elliot Rodger, enough men have committed horrible acts that we need to be cautious of all men. However, the rights of girls and women should not be impinged because it is easier to do so than to teach boys and men to behave respectfully, treat women and girls as equals, and to be raised with emotional understanding.

Let this event spark change! Don’t let #YesAllWomen die out! Change does not happen over night, but it takes time, effort and dedication. Let #YesAllWomen be the stepping stone to creating change that will last for generations.

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