Aqua Rose Wonderland Mini Tea Party Top Hat

giphyLike most mommies, we are currently trying to make those last-minute Halloween purchases. Our kids are acting like the pillowcase is no longer the candy collecting bag of choice any more. In addition, those makeshift sheet ghost and mummy costumes are no longer in fashion. Kids want to dress like their favorite character from television shows and movies.

For Halloween 2015, MiniBoo had her heart set on being Evie from Disney's The Descendants. Upon arriving to Target, her heart skipped a beat and chose Cinderella instead. This would not have been such a bad choice, if I hadn't agreed to be the Evil Queen fromiusa_400x400.31219400_rv57 Snow White (aka Evie's mom). MiniBoo's suggestion... "You can still be evil... Just be the evil stepmother!"

I have to be real with you all! I don't want to be the evil stepmother. Who ever wants to be the evil stepmother?! So, I'm very happy that I stumbled upon Scarlet Harlow by Carrie Callaway. And after viewing your gorgeous hats, headdresses, and crowns, she is dubbed the "Stunning Hatter!"

I quit working when our second son was born to stay home, and was so grateful, I loved every second of it, but my artsy heart was dying to be creative. I had worked as a fashion designer for 9 years. My husband knew, and built me an art studio of my very own in our backyard. 💗 When our little guy started kindergarten a couple of years ago I started my shop. 💗 My cup runneth over. So I work while he's at school and it's amazing.
So that's my story lol.

You can find Carrie's beautiful top hats, crowns and headdresses at Scarlet Harlow and on Etsy. If you are looking to piece together a beautiful costume, look no further than Scarlet Harlow. Pop on one of her gorgeous designs and watch a quick makeup tutorial, and you will be the bell of the ball. Her pieces remind me of Anni Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portraits. You put one on and you feel like a beautiful fairy tale.

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