01cI'm not sure if it's just habit or tradition, but we all teach our kids not to waste water. Not to leave it running while brushing their teeth. Not to take excessively long showers, and not to don't run the dishwasher. In my home, the dishwasher is used only for drying, not washing... Don't judge me! I know my household isn't the only one to do this!

But, water conservation is something that is very important to me in regards to raising a global citizen. I do not want to focus on just teaching her how to treat others, but also how to treat the land... Our one and only Planet Earth.

She knows to recycle and compost. Which these are great lessons that all parents can teach their children. We focus heavily on conservation, but we also need to focus on waste prevention. There are a lot of plastic that is in our water and we don't even realize it. The relationship of water and plastic goes well beyond the water bottle.

Boxed Water's One Small Thing provides 10 tips to help our earth and change the relationship between water and plastic. These are easy tips that we can incorporate into our lives and teach our children. We can be more mindful about the types and brands of toothpaste we buy. We can also stop being so dang fearful of a cup and limit the number of straws that we use. We can even find other chewy snacks that are a better substitute than gum.

If we are already making better choices in the purchasing of milk/baby bottles, let's further our decisions to teaching our children. Teaching our kids at an early age to make good decisions about how to conserve water and prevent waste is important. It is something that we can all do.

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