Intro to RLFirstly, thank you all for following the journey that Rouge Lioness has taken… or the journey that I have taken it on.

Rouge Lioness is more than just another mommy blog. There is a greater purpose, and more in-depth work that will be going on through Rouge Lioness. Don’t worry, I’m not going to rant and make this into a novel. I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to those that believe in Rouge Lioness, and that have stuck by as further developments are made.

A lot needed to be analyzed and edited, and the edits are not fully done, but they never should be. Rouge Lioness will continue to development and make necessary changes in order to better assist and serve young mothers, their children, and their communities. The first starting point for the new changes that are rolling out is new digital content. The website will be receiving new content a couple of times a week. It will start to increase as the website further develops. Also, that webshow that I have been talking about is finally here. There has been a lot of practice (and still practicing) with video editing, so it can be a great addition. And to top off all the changes, Rouge Lioness is changing its business structure to a 502(c)(3) non-profit.

Publications and webshow are going to be frequent and scheduled. This is to ensure that only valuable digital content is released. As I stated before, you can definitely expect more content as the website and Rouge Lioness in general, further develops.

While some of you may have been expected a mass release on the content that I have been working on, I want to make sure that the articles and the information within them are current and valuable. So, don’t be disappointed because you’ll definitely be getting more in the future.

Once again, I want to thank you all for support Rouge Lioness as it further develops and for following the journey. Just to end, I recently applied for the December 2013 Amber Grant from If awarded the grant, the grant award is going to be used to pay for the cost of applying for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit will open Rouge Lioness up to more funding opportunities that will allow the establishment of adequate events and services that can further assist young moms and moms-to-be to further their parenting and life skills.

Well, keep your fingers crossed and send out positive vibes that Rouge Lioness wins the grant award.

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