If you're looking for a dinner and outing options for this Friday, then you need to make your way down to Ballard, WA. Specifically to Cycle Dogs. You'll find the chef and owner, Keaton stationed at his grill whipping up some of the most delicious vegan creations that you'll ever taste and trust me, you won't want to pass them up.

Personally saying, I've tried The Vegan Score, The Dad Bod Dog, and the Eloté Dog. All of which are amazing, and have turn this meat-eater at least 60% vegan (sorry, but I can't quite give up bacon... real bacon, not the Canadian version). I was hooked after my first bite and taste the spicy sweet flavor of the Peach Jalapeño Jam on a Field Roast Frankfurter with cream cheese, grilled Walla Walla onions, tempeh bacon. Letting me give you a little more insight on these delicious dogs.

First off, I am not a fan of slaw. I hate it! I hate it because to me, mayo is the worst thing ever created. My taste buds cringe when I eat mayo. However, vegan mayo completely different. I tore The Dad Bod Dog up, slaw and all! I initially got the Eloté Dog for my mom to try. She fell asleep by the time I got home with it, so I just ate it. With a squeeze of the lime over the dog, one bite of the delicious dog and it did not stand a chance. The flavors and textures of these vegan dog creations are phenomenal! Keaton took ingredients that I would typically roll my eyes at and turned them into irresistible dishes. Typing this is making me want another, which I'm not worried because Cycle Dogs is easy to find.

Follow Cycle Dogs on Instagram to find out where Keaton is stationed at. I've gone when Cycle Dogs has been stationed at Peddler Brewing in Ballard, WA. I head to the back (keep walking) and to the left is Keaton with a line of hungry customers. After a few minutes of being indecisive (because after reading the menu, you seriously will not be able to decide which one to get. They are all delicious!), I place my order and head back in to pair my vegan dog with a beer on tap.

The atmosphere is welcoming, warm, and slightly boozy. It's a fun day or evening out. You'll get a delish meal and be surrounded by good company. You can play games in the back or watch the game inside. The decision is up to you. The hardest decision that you'll have to make is which delicious Cycle Dogs creation to choose from.

I should also note that the Cycle Dog Menu does not stay the same for long. It is always evolving and adding new delicious creations.

I have to admit that before my cousin introduced me to vegan cuisine and I hooked on Cycle Dogs, I lived by the motto of "this kale salad tastes like I'd rather be fat." Nevertheless, this motto is now non-existent.

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