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After a long week of work and trying to tear myself away from my bed, I definitely was not in the mood to cook. Thankfully just weeks earlier, I received a Twitter follow from Burger Boss. I have to say that I don't go out to West Seattle much, but Burger Boss has definitely given me a reason to!

I was so excited that my mom and even my younger sister wanted to join along in going to Burger Boss. At first, I was worried because my mom is a flexitarian and my younger sister is a vegetarian. This can definitely make eating out difficult. However, we were all able to enjoy Burger Boss.

The dark black building gives immense focus to the Burger Boss sign. There is literally no way that this establishment could go unnoticed! With ample parking, and delicious menu to choose from, it was obvious why Burger Boss had a packed house... a packed lot!

My mom has a "No Eating in MY Car" Policy, so we tightly sealed the bag (which did not stop the delicious aroma of freshly grilled beef from fleeing the bag) and headed to Roxhill Park. 

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Let me break down our order for you before I start discussing how the food was. Our order breaks down as follows: Classic Cheese with Honey Cured Bacon, Classic Cheese with Honey Cured Bacon and Boss Sauce (the flexitarian ordered this one!), Kid's Classic Cheese, Black Bean Burger (for the vegetarian), Regular Fries, a Tub of Fries, Deep Fried Cookie Dough (which came with chocolate sauce that ended up all over MiniBoo's face... making her look like The Joker from Batman) and finally, a Small Root beer.

The well-seasoned burger patties are cooked fresh, the bacon has the right crispy texture, and the fries don't taste like they come from a frozen bag. Even the vegetarian critic tore up her food and ate well-over a handful of my fries. The beef patties are thin, but with the added bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles; the burger is very filling. The Bacon Srirancha Sauce was meant to go with the tub of fries, but found their way onto my burger. My mom ended up coating her burger in Boss Sauce. Our only regret was that we didn't get more sauce!

If you are already planning out your week, make sure to plan to stop by Burger Boss for your Foodie Friday! The food is amazing, you receive great and quick service, and the prices are more than fair. We were able to feed a family of four (with additions on our meals) for $28 even! If we had went to some large fast food chain, it would have been double that. Burger Boss is definitely an eatery that the whole family will enjoy!

FYI... next time I go, I'm trying the Bacon SriRancha Chicken and getting an order of Battered Onion Rings!

Just giving you a snippet of the Burger Boss menu.


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