Photo Credit: Toni Ellison

It's spice and eggnog season at Starbucks, and while you may have grabbed a cute Holiday Starbucks Card to load a quick ten bucks for your favorite Starbucks addict, why not give them something that takes a little love and effort. How about give them something that they can continue to indulge in once their Starbucks cup is empty?!

Toni Ellison, DIY Starbucks Lip Gloss tutorial that will probably make you want to make one for yourself. These lip glosses are decorative and creative.

Candles are always a great gift. It keeps that coffee scent wafting in the air, while your Starbucks crazed friend is waiting for their next venti 3 something whatever (Sorry, I don't know coffee lingo).

If you feel like doing some online shopping, then consider these gifts found on a few shops on

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