Photo Credit: Johara of Luvin' My Curves Quote: Sandra Bullock, InStyle March 2009
Photo Credit:  Johara of Luvin' My Curves Quote: Sandra Bullock, InStyle March 2009
Photo Credit: Johara of Luvin’ My Curves
Quote: Sandra Bullock, InStyle March 2009

Many young mothers take on parenting on their own. There are many statics from various “studies” that suggest why that is, but this article is not about that. This article is about the young mothers that delay their dreams and/or even put their dreams aside, so their children can have some.

Delaying dreams and goals is a common amongst any parent. Many people expect it of young mothers and many young mothers feel guilty for when they decide to follow their dreams. While motherhood requires various sacrifices to be made, certain organizations have put measures in place to prevent the delay of young mothers’ journey for coming into their own.

Education does not have a time limit. If a mother is putting off her own academic career because of lack of child care or do to economic circumstances, there are organizations to help with that. Depending on the income limit, Washington Connection (or your state Department of Human Services office) can help to find if you meet the requirements to apply for assistance. Work with a case worker to determine how much the copay would be. Other suggestions would be looking into centers like the Denise Louie Education Center, where they are hosting free summer preschool (deadline was May 30th). There are facilities like their’s that also provide child care to new borns. It is best to give your child stability, whether at home or in school. Find a facility that your child can be in for a period of a few years and is set in a location where there will be an easy transition into the next school.

Young mothers don’t have to put off self-discovery or developing a career either. The YWCA of Seattle, King and Snohomish Young Parent Program is assisting with that as well. Young parents between the ages of 18 and 25 can receive several services through this program that promote education, career building, and parenting and life skills. The Atlantic Street Family Center is also an amazing organization that provides an array of services that can help a young mother as she comes into her own. They also provide several services to assit with child development.

Accessing programs and services starts as early as pregnancy. Numerous mothers in general find it difficult to ask or even accept assistance. There is nothing wrong with seeking assistance as a mother comes into her own. Young mothers can start by expanding their circle of support by enrolling programs like Doulaville Seattle Birth Services Pregnant & Parenting Youth Program. The free services is a starting point to help young mothers make sure that they are receiving the support they need during pregnancy and expanding and building lasting connections.

Having that support early and learning what resources exist is important to a young mothers and child’s development. Most of the organizations listed in this post are located within Seattle. Use 2-1-1 to find organizations or agencies that serve your city or zip code.

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