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Mission Statement

Rouge Lioness is a digital media platform that embraces real urban young mom lifestyles, promotes diversity, supports advocacy and encourages philanthropy. The publications and webshows containing a mix of news, trending topics, and resource information frames Rouge Lioness into a hub that assists young moms and moms-to-be to become self-sufficient, empowered, and successful women and mothers. Through self-hosted and collaborative events and programs, Rouge Lioness is able to further assist young moms and moms-to-be on their journey through life and motherhood.

Vision Statement

Rouge Lioness gives focus to the urban young mom and mom-to-be demographic and community. With the combination of new media and advocacy journalism, Rouge Lioness is able to report on events and issues regarding young mom lifestyles, as well as present mainstream content that provides young moms with diverse information. Through self-hosted and collaborative events and programs, Rouge Lioness is able to establish a strong offline presence in the young mom community fostering advocacy, support and allies.

Rouge Lioness Current Goals

  • Change/Redefine the stigma and stereotype attached to the young mom title and lifestyles.
  • Promote public awareness of real young mom lifestyles and experiences.
  • Improve the lives of young moms and moms-to-be through website content, events, and programs.
  • Encourage young moms and moms-to-be to actively participate in improving their lives because it can result in a better and healthier lifestyle for their children.
  • Provide life skills and problem solving techniques to help bring about positive change.

Founder, Owner & Content Producer

I am Jazmin Williams, the Founder, Owner, and Content Producer of Rouge Lioness.

I became a young mom at age 23, and have real life experiences to share. I've been married, pregnant, became a mother, divorced, became a victim then a survivor of domestic violence, and now I'm following my dream career by mixing passions of new media journalism with social entrepreneurship. I basically hold the dream title of "Millennial Social Mompreneur." It is a fusion of who I am, what I do, and what I plan to accomplish.

The stories, experiences, content, and advice that I share through Rouge Lioness are my own writings that are combined with research, current events, and original and third-party digital media. I define myself as a former young mom, a loving and dedicated mommy, a social entrepreneur, aspiring writing and journalists, womanist servant leader, avid learner, a survivor, and an advocate for young moms and moms-to-be.

I believe that young moms and moms-to-be deserve support and the opportunity to thrive as mothers and women. To quote another former young mom that inspired me to step up my advocating and business, "I am a young mom working with professionals, and a professional working with young moms." What you'll read is from me. It's the truth of real young mom lifestyles and experiences, as well as informative content. I am a Rouge Lioness.


FAQ's About Rouge Lioness


Why is Rouge Lioness on a .org domain extension rather than a .com?
While the initial goal was to operate Rouge Lioness as a small non-profit organization, there seemed to be too many limitations on what Rouge Lioness could say and do as a non-profit. Rouge Lioness would not be able to discuss political issues or lobby, which is difficult considering the importance of discussing women's rights and reproductive health, and political influences upon it. Also, Rouge Lioness wants the ability to support other campaigns and issues that relate to young mothers. So, the decision has been made to form Rouge Lioness as a social business. It will allow Rouge Lioness to be more fluid in the work that is being created and done. While it is a for-profit entity, it has a non-profit mission and maintains the .org domain extension. This helps us to remember that Rouge Lioness was founded for promoting positive change, activism, and educating others about real young mom lifestyles.

What does Rouge Lioness mean by the terms "urban" and "young mom"?
Rouge Lioness targets the "urban young mothers" between the ages of 18 to 29 (even those within their early 30's). The term "urban" is used because the digital content is created predominately (but not limited) for young adult mothers of color (Black/African-American, Latina, Native American, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, etc.) living in the city. Urban is one word with two meanings, which we use here. So basically, Rouge Lioness currently focuses on the lifestyles, trends, and concerns of Millennial mothers of color, but Rouge Lioness does not want to deter teen mothers and/or young adult mothers of any ethnicity from joining the audience. As the platform further develops and audience grows, so does the inclusiveness of the content. Plus, the rise in the population of biracial and multiracial children, and young mothers of other ethnicities that are starting to have to deal with race issues contributes to the overly welcoming of diverse content and a diverse audience.

(I hope that answers the question...)

How did the platform get the name Rouge Lioness?
I chose the name Rouge Lioness because of its symbolic meaning (to me anyways) of courage and teamwork. Rouge is French for red and symbolizes courage. Plus, it's the favorite color of many of the mothers and young ladies in my family. The "lioness" is a symbol of teamwork, strength, leadership, self-confidence, passion, and the list goes on. A lot of mothers use animals to symbolize or describe their parenting and love for their children, so why not use the lioness. I love the name Rouge Lioness because I believe we need to have the courage and strength to be the women and mothers we want to be and know that we can be; as well as working as a team to support and encourage each other. This also means working together to create a positive portrayal of young mother lifestyles.

What else I'd like for people to know about Rouge Lioness...
Rouge Lioness does not discriminate against ethnicity/race, religion, culture, parenting style, personal decisions, residential environment, political affiliation, etc. Rouge Lioness is for young moms and moms-to-be of all colors, former young moms, families and friends of young moms, and others within and supporting the young mom community. The purpose behind Rouge Lioness is not to promote or encourage pregnancies (planned or unplanned) amongst young people, but to advocate for social change, provide a platform to communicate real young mom lifestyles, and to provide information to supportive services and resources for young moms and moms-to-be.

Urban young adult moms (just like teen moms) deal with judgment, stigma, and stereotypes of what mainstream media portrays and society assumes what/how urban young mothers are. Rouge Lioness just wants to be that voice/platform to tell the real stories of urban young mom lifestyles, as well as relate current content back to them, so they feel a connection to the current developing global society.