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Mother's Day is tomorrow, and after a busy week, most moms are making their final decisions about what they would like to do tomorrow. For some moms, they'll probably wake up to breakfast in bed and have a day planned for them by their families. For other moms, the activities for the day are probably planned and fulfilled by her, and more than less incorporate what their little one wants to do for the day. My MiniBoo woke up to watching Sofia The First: Moms the Word and say the commercial that Brave will be on tomorrow. Which made me realize that my Mother's Day is going to have Disney incorporated in there somewhere. So, I decided to see what Mother's Day activities they have.

The Disney Family Mother's Day tab has numerous activities to keep your day filled. You can start your day by printing off a cute card for your little one to decorate the back of. The front is Disney themed, but the back will become unique once your little one adds their message or touch to it.

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Now, you're probably trying to figure out what you and your little one is going to eat today. Don't worry because Budge Bytes has got you covered with her Mother's Day Recipe Roundup article! All of her Recipes are inexpensive and delicious! She's even provided other web-suggestions, if you need more options.

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Mother's Day is another one of those days when it's hard to find a sitter or the only one available charges more than their experience level. I'm talking to you teenager that tries to charge more than a day of regular childcare.

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A great activity can be a combination of things that you and your child love to do. Pack a picnic basket and a backpack with craft items and head to the park. You can have lunch at the park, work on a some macaroni art, and let your child tire himself/herself out on the playground, while their art project dries. The Artful Parent has a great Pasta Art Activities for Kids articles that includes how to dye pasta, creative activities, and other sources for pasta activities.


For your entertainment, after you've watched the marathons of Mother's Day themed episodes (that hopefully get your little one to appreciate everything you do more) on your little one's favorite channels, you'll probably start looking for some adult-ish entertainment. How about watching men that are basically grown kids go through a series of phases to help them "understand" motherhood. BuzzFeed's The Try Guys have released Motherhood: Parts 1-3. Still waiting on 4-5, and can't wait for them to try to understand the pain of going through labor... I was in labor for 26 hours, but that doesn't compare to the five days my mom was in labor with my twin sister and me. So, good luck Try Guys...


Happy Mother's Day!!

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